Our Crash Course:

In line with updated exam trends, our teaching methodology focuses on breaking down key concepts and equipping students with advanced exam techniques we have gathered over the years.

We also believe in preparing our students through advanced Ten Year Series & Prelim Paper breakdown and analysis, making sure you will be ready for your O’s.

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We help you Score.


Whether you’re struggling with Science or Math in your O’levels, our exam-focused methodology cuts through the clutter to equip you with knowledge you will need.

Our class size of 6-8 students ensures that we will be able to give you our upmost attention, to get the best results we can achieve with you.



We understand your Struggles.

We know it isn’t easy to cope with the exam stress and the revision that comes along with it - we’ve been there before.

We want to help our students and serve as mentors to those who are uncertain about their academic futures.

During our sessions, students will be exposed to strategic short-term and long-term academic plans to help bring meaning and direction to your education experiences.



We go the Extra Mile.

Staying true to our philosophy, we pull no stops when it comes to your welfare. Our tutors believe that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom and are fully available for extra consultations (free of charge) after classes. Be it through the learning environment, down to food, we ensure that students get the most out of their StudyLounge experience with us. What are you still waiting for?