How big are the class sizes?
- Each class will be between 6-8 students.

How will lessons be conducted?
- Lessons will be conducted in an air-conditioned, comfortably furnished classroom. Most materials will be provided by us.

Are meals provided?
- Lunch and tea break will be provided.  

What if I cannot make it for some days?
- Students will still receive the notes and are encouraged to find the tutor during break sessions to catch up on the syllabus. 

Is this programme refundable?
- All students will be given a free trial lesson in May. If they like the course, they can then sign up for the full course. Refunds will be subjected to a case by case basis.

 Do we get to choose our tutors?
- Each tutor conducting the lessons are highly specialised in their own subject. Hence, such an option is not available.

Do we have an IP programme syllabus?
- We do not provide IP programme at the moment.

How effective are your lessons?
- Come for our trial lesson to experience it for yourself!


June Holiday Crash Course Program (weekday daily, 10.30am to 7.00pm)
Day rate: $150/day (3 lessons)
Weekly rate: $650/week (5 days,15 lessons)
Full Course: $1200 / 2 weeks (10 days, 30 lessons)

*Each lesson is 1.5 hours, with lunch and tea break provided.